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Oklahoma City Fox 25
Senior Living - A New Way of Life
Brooks, M (Jan. 31, 2019)

San Francisco Chronicle
Senior Cohousing An ‘Antidote to the Loneliness’ that Hits People as They Age
Pender, K. (Jan. 5, 2019)

Mercury News
Cohousing: The New Bay Area Trend in Senior Living
D'Souza, K. (May 18, 2018)

The Wall Street Journal
Retirement Communities Lure Boomers With Eco-Friendly Message
Halpert, J. (April 22, 2018)

Cohousing: A Growing Concept in Communal Living
Kaysen, R. (Feb. 1, 2018)

New York Times
There's Community and Consensus. But It's No Commune.
Verde, T. (Jan. 20, 2018)

Big Think
Cohousing Could Help Solve Some of the World's Most Pressing Problems
Perry, P. (Aug. 16, 2017)

The Telegraph
isters are Doing It For Themselves: The Retired Women Who Built Their Own Community
Fraser, I. (May 31, 2017)

Aging in Community: Inside the Senior Cohousing Movement (interview with Anne Glass)
Johnson, C. (Dec. 5, 2016). Additionally published by TruthOut (Dec 31, 2016)

Cohousing Assocation of the U.S.
Fannie Mae Language Supporting Loans for Cohousing Homes
Alexander, A. (Sept. 28, 2016)

Why Boomers Are Designing Their Own Retirement Communities
Wirthman, L. (Sept. 19, 2016)

Telegraph (UK)
Sixty, Female and All Living Under One Roof (Just Don't Call It a Commune)
Wiliams, S. (Aug. 19, 2016)

Mother Earth News
Senior Cohousing Provides Community Assistance with Living
Durrett, C. (June 2016)

Huffington Post
Is a Community Cohousing Project in Your Future?
Gottberg, K. (March 2016)

Senior Planet
Senior Housing Alternatives: Urban Cohousing the Babayaga Way
Abbit, L. (March 2016)

20 Questions & Answers About Cohousing
Ryan, E. 

CBC Radio
BC Seniors Build a New Way to Age in Place - A Karen Wells Documentary
Wells, K. (November 2015)

The Guardian
Cohousing: "It Makes Sense for People With Things in Common to Live Together"
Addley, E. (February 2015)

City Lab (The Atlantic)
Can Boomers Make Cohousing Mainstream?
Bentley, C. (January 2015)

The Union
Residents More Than Neighbors After First Year in Grass Valley Housing
Rosacker, C. (October 2014)

Senior Cohousing Handbook 
(2nd Ed) article. Utne Reader
Durrett, C. (April 2013)

Governing the States and Localities
Senior cohousing may be the next real-estate trend
Holeywell, R. (November 2012)

Wall Street Journal
The New Retirement Resorts
Greene, K. (March 2012) 

New York Times
Shared Meals, and Lives
Mandhana, Niharika (August 2011) 

AARP Bulletin
Elder Cohousing: A New Option for Retirement - Or Sooner!
Abrahms, S. (January 2011)

New York Times
Living Together, Aging Together
Span, P.  (September 2010)

USA Today
Seniors at home in cohousing
El Nasser, H. (May 2009)

Los Angeles Times
Communal Housing is coming of age - Seniors are beginning to see the advantage of shared living complexes
La Ganga, Maria L. (December 2007)

Kiplinger's Retirement Report
Retirement Living: When Neighbors Are Like Extended Family
Dobkin, L. (March 2007)

Time Magazine
Not home alone
Abrahms, S. (November 2006)

Wall Street Journal
Guide to Retirement Planning and Living
Greene, K (October 2006) 

New York Times
Growing old together, in a new kind of commune
Brown, P. L. (February 2006)

USA Today
Shared Lives, Shared Space
Kornblum, J. (January 2005)

Communes for Grownups
Brown, B. (November 2004)

Roanoke Times
Founders of Cohousing Community Envision Place Where People Find Meaning in Late Life and Die A Good Death
Moxley, T. (April 2004)